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ArtVibe™ One-of-1 Series (EXCLUSIVE) - Van Gogh-Inspired Paint-by-Numbers Kit - Luminary Wheat Waves (16x20"/40x50cm) with Bonus Free Canvas Print

ArtVibe™ One-of-1 Series (EXCLUSIVE) - Van Gogh-Inspired Paint-by-Numbers Kit - Luminary Wheat Waves (16x20"/40x50cm) with Bonus Free Canvas Print

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Product Name: ArtVibe™ One-of-One Series: Van Gogh-Inspired Paint-by-Numbers Kit - Luminary Wheat Waves (FRAMED)

Price: $128 USD - We only have 1 of these. Once it's sold, it's gone forever.

BONUS: Includes a FREE framed canvas print.

About this Exclusive Experience:

ArtVibe™ One-of-One Series invites you on an unprecedented artistic journey inspired by the grandeur and intricacies of Vincent van Gogh's 'Wheatfield with Crows.' This collection reflects a beautiful summer landscape, embodying an ultra-detailed painting with mesmerizing 'cotton waves' of wheat fields under a summer sky.

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Every piece in this series is an individual masterpiece; each design, once sold, will never be replicated. A standard premium paint by numbers kit with a frame might cost you $40, but the unique and exclusive nature of our One-of-One Series, if produced for the mass market, could easily sell 100 or even 1000 units, elevating their potential value to an impressive $4,000 to $40,000 per piece.

For just $128 USD, you acquire not just an exclusive paint by numbers kit, but also a unique art piece with a companion - a complementary canvas print of the same design. This high-quality canvas print is a fine artwork on its own, adding value and aesthetic allure to your personal collection or any room where it's displayed. So for just $128 USD, you'll receive two exquisite framed artworks featuring a design exclusively owned by you.

And most importantly, this design will be sold only once(1 time); once it's sold, it's gone forever.

Experience Details:

  • Exclusive Art Piece: Each design in our One-of-One Series is unique, sold only once. You are creating a rare piece of art that only you will own.
  • Premium Kit: Your kit includes a top-grade canvas with a clear, numbered layout, a curated set of high-quality paints, and a range of precision brushes to capture the finest details.
  • Complimentary Canvas Print: Alongside your kit, receive a free canvas print of your exclusive design. Use it as a reference, present it as a gift, or simply appreciate it for its inherent aesthetic value.
  • Dedicated Support: ArtVibe™ One-of-One Series is backed by our concierge-level customer service, ensuring your artistic journey is seamless and enjoyable.

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Premium Benefits:

  • Immersive Activity: Engage in a serene, immersive experience as you bring to life a beautiful summer landscape inspired by Van Gogh.
  • Universal Appeal: Our kit caters to everyone, from the accomplished artist to the enthusiastic beginner.
  • Luxury Artwork: Even if your masterpiece is a work in progress, the high-quality canvas print serves as a luxurious standalone display.
  • Unique Gift Option: With the complimentary canvas print, our kit becomes an opulent gift choice for a fellow art lover
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Painting Instructions:

  1. Unwrap your premium framed canvas and arrange your paints. Start from the top and work your way down for the best outcome
  2. Match the numbers on the paint pots to the numbers on the canvas.
  3. Apply the corresponding paint to each numbered area.
  4. Allow your masterpiece to dry. Step back and appreciate the unique, Van Gogh inspired art piece you've brought to life!
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Benefits Recap:

  1. Exclusive Artwork: With our One-of-One Series, you'll create a masterpiece that's not just unique, it's the only one of its kind.
  2. Premium Experience: Enjoy painting with our high-quality canvas, curated paints, and precision brushes.
  3. Complimentary Canvas Print: Use the accompanying high-quality canvas print as a guide, a gift, or a standalone piece of art.
  4. Immersive Relaxation: Experience the serenity and satisfaction of creating a beautiful summer landscape.
  5. Versatile Artwork: Even if your painting is a work in progress, the canvas print serves as a luxurious standalone display.
  6. Concierge-level Support: Enjoy peace of mind with our dedicated customer service, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.
  7. Unique Gifting Option: Our kit offers a singular and opulent gifting choice for any art enthusiast.
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Acquire Now: Click here to secure your exclusive ArtVibe™ One-of-One Series: Van Gogh Inspired Paint by Numbers Experience and complimentary canvas print for only $128. Each design is only available once – seize this singular opportunity today.

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This painting is available exclusively on ArtVibe. Once sold, it's gone forever.

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