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ArtVibe™ Easter Island Fantasy Collection (EXCLUSIVE) - Moai Majesty (16"x20"/40x50cm)

ArtVibe™ Easter Island Fantasy Collection (EXCLUSIVE) - Moai Majesty (16"x20"/40x50cm)

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Easter Island Fantasy Collection: Wonders of the Moai - Luxury Paint by Numbers, Diamond Painting (Square Drill), and Canvas Print

Introducing the exquisite Easter Island Fantasy Collection, an elite selection of Paint by Numbers, Diamond Painting (Square Drill), and Canvas Print designs inspired by the enigmatic Moai statues of Rapa Nui. Immerse yourself in the opulent history and tranquil beauty of these ancient stone guardians as you bring their mystique to life through each artistic masterpiece.

Every design in this upscale collection embodies the essence of the enigmatic Easter Island, harmoniously merging artistic finesse with the island's distinctive cultural legacy. Ranging from majestic sunsets to serene oceanfront vistas, this collection presents an array of alluring scenes for the most discerning artistic connoisseurs.


Elevate Your Experience with Our DIY Art Kits: Key Benefits

  • INDULGE IN TRANQUILITY: Escape the stress of everyday life by immersing yourself in a therapeutic and soothing art experience, bringing your masterpiece to life with our art kits.
  • UNLEASH YOUR INNER ARTIST: Uncover the joy of painting and unlock your creative prowess with our sophisticated, user-friendly art kits designed for the discerning artist.
  • CRAFT EXQUISITE MASTERPIECES: Astonish yourself and others with your remarkable artistic talents, regardless of your prior painting experience, using our premium-quality art kits.
  • CHERISH TIMELESS MOMENTS: Forge meaningful, everlasting memories as you paint, connect, and share your stunning creations with your loved ones.
  • ELEVATE YOUR LIVING SPACE: Enhance your home with a touch of your unique style and artistry by showcasing your completed masterpiece as an elegant work of art adorning your walls.

How to Craft Your Masterpiece with Our Art Kits?

Embarking on your artistic journey with our art kits is a delightful and straightforward process. Follow these easy steps to unveil your inner artist and produce an enchanting work of art:

Paint by Numbers:

  1. Set Up Your Workspace: Place your kit on a flat surface and neatly arrange your paints and brushes for a seamless painting experience.
  2. Follow the Numbered Guide: Paint each section using the corresponding color indicated by the guide, beginning with the lightest hues and progressing to the darker ones for optimal results.
  3. Showcase Your Art: Proudly display your finished masterpiece in your home as a testament to your creativity, or present it as a heartfelt and personalized gift to someone special.
(Paint by numbers - demo👆)

Diamond Painting (Square Drill):

  1. Establish Your Workspace: Position your kit on a smooth surface, neatly arranging your drills and accessories for a seamless crafting experience.
  2. Adhere to the Numbered Plan: Attentively align each drill in the appropriate section according to the guide, employing the included tool and wax pad for optimal precision.
  3. Exhibit Your Artistic Achievement: Take pride in showcasing your completed masterpiece within your living space, or present it as a heartfelt and custom-made gift to someone special.
(Diamond Painting - demo👆)

Canvas Print:

  1. Select Your Ideal Design: Pick the pre-printed artwork that resonates with your personal taste and complements your unique aesthetic.
  2. Prepare for Display: Affix the canvas to the provided wooden stretcher bars or opt for a frame that matches your preference to enhance the presentation.
  3. Adorn Your Space or Share the Love: Elevate your home decor with the stunning canvas print, or bestow it upon a loved one as a considerate and tailor-made gift.

Inclusions in the Package:

For Paint-by-Numbers kit:

  • 1x Curated Acrylic Paint Set: Features an array of approximately 24 distinguished colors, tailored to the chosen painting.
  • 1x Numbered, High-Quality Linen Canvas: Offered in a choice of white or vibrant hues; Canvas Size: 16"x20" / 40x50cm.
  • 1x Collection of 3 Fine Paint Brushes: Comprises 1x small, 1x medium, and 1x large brush to accommodate diverse painting styles.
  • 1x Elegant Framing Option: Select between a refined wooden framed or sophisticated aluminum alloy detachable frame to enhance your artistic creation.

For Diamond Painting kit:

  • High-Quality Numbered Canvas: Luxurious foundation for your sparkling masterpiece.
  • Vibrant Resin Drills (Square Diamonds): Exceptional, colorful gems to create a dazzling artwork.
  • Specialized Drill Placement Tool: A bespoke instrument designed for precision in drill application.
  • Premium Wax Pad: A refined tool to effortlessly pick up each drill.
  • Fine-Tipped Tweezers: Expertly crafted for meticulous drill positioning.
  • Elegant Drill Organizing Tray: A sophisticated accessory for seamless drill management.
  • Comprehensive Instruction Guide: Detailed directions to guide you in crafting your radiant masterpiece.


For Canvas Print:

  • Premium Pre-Printed Design: A high-quality canvas adorned with an exquisite, pre-printed artwork.
  • Wooden Stretcher Bars: Elegantly crafted bars for mounting the canvas, provided with the framed option selection.
  • Refined Wall-Mounting Hardware: Includes sophisticated elements such as hooks or wire for effortless installation.
  • Comprehensive Mounting Guide: Detailed instructions to assist you in seamlessly mounting the canvas and hardware, showcasing your refined taste in art.
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